On Still Life

I heard a quote today (and I am usually fastidious about referencing all quotes- a habit from University days), but tonight I am content to paraphrase;

It is what people make, not what they say or do, that tells you about humanity. Study what they make.

I have made aIMG_20140824_204128 study of what people make and never had much patience for what people say and a terrible memory of what they do. It was an extremely gratifying TV bite and was one ingredient of today that got me back to the canvas. The others were rain, the prospect of the working week and that indescribable sense of anticipation, which sometimes masks its self as anxiety that come when an artist has spent little time expressing herself and too much time avoiding.

This week has come to an end with a great deal of reflection. Having lost a dear friend.

She made something of her life and it was a privilege to have been a small part of it. As in the last still life (Self Portrait), this piece features objects of significance to my past; my grandfathers camera I inherited, a tin can – the same my grandmother would put on the stove to boil an egg and limes from the garden where I last lived. Peg, my friend who passed away last week, was my next door neighbour. I gardened for her and she nick-named me Green Boots, for the bright green Crocs I would wear when I spent time in her garden. We treasured every minute and didn’t waste a crumb or sip of cuppa tea together. She was everything a woman of her generation was meant to be.



Peasant Top – Variation on a Theme


With much delight I have noticed the Peasant top making a come back.

This variation was made with B4686 Butterick (A).

I strayed from the pattern slightly and found the instruction for the collar useless.

To create the contrasts, I reversed the front inlay to make a feature of it (see detail photos below) and added a lace edge.

I used a dark navy blue cotton for inside the collar and also hand stitched the collar (inside edge) and used calico to re-enforce both the collar and the front panel.



B4686 Butterick (A)DSC_1955DSC_1956DSC_1962

House on the Hill … in the Hill

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis weekend took me up a mountain to see a house build into a mountain. The full submersion of the roof appears to have not been completed and the owners were yet to move in, but the pizza oven was fired up and people came to admire, more than anything the views at the top of the rather slippery drive way. It gave me a sense of what this design which, I have admired for many years actually feels like. Away from the screen of Grand Designs I was surprised by how claustrophobic the back rooms felt, despite sky lights and if money permitted would have gone with a wrap around and more frontal aspects. However such great admiration for this couple who have spent the last 25 years planning and are now living their dream.