How to Chai

When the weather turns and the nights get longer

my defense against the dark is to go into it – rather

than resist. Armed with my knitting needles,

a cup of chai, soup ladle, my favourite winter

jumpers and a few new additions to the LP collection

… its time to welcome the frost and keep away the

colds. Happy Wintering – may it be a nurturing one.


For your Chai You will need:

Chai Ingredients

Cardamon Pods

Cinnamon Sticks



Fresh Ginger

Black Tea

Raw Honey

Soy Milk


Chop up all your dry spices – if you have a coffee grinder this can cut down your preparation time. If chopping by hand place chopped dry ingredients into a mortar and pestle along with the Black Tea and give it an extra crunch up.

Peel and grate the fresh ginger and add it along with a good spoonful of honey.

Use your intuition and experiment to get a good balance of flavors. The finished wet chai preparation should look like a crumbly compost, wet but not overly sticky.

Time for Chai:

This preparation will keep for 2-3 weeks in the fridge, or better still the freezer in an air tight container.

When you are ready to drink your chai tea, here is a great method to get the best flavor out of your spices:

Boil the kettle

Place 2-3 teaspoon of wet chai tea preparation to a small saucepan

cover with boiling water – just enough to cover the ingredients

Allow time to steep

Turn the stove on low and add soy milk

Bring to a gentle simmer

sift into your favourite mug and enjoy!





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