The Ethical Creative

The creative act, when coupled with a commitment to ethics and the development of consciousness, is expressed as a bi product, an outflowing of a moment brought to fruition from a built-up force. It is harnessed by a deep commitment to something greater than your personal identity. The expression may take physical form, or be a moment experienced and left undocumented. In our capitalist environment that craves tangible and marketable outputs, the path of the ethical creative is a balancing act of checks and balances. It is ultimately a way of living and in the living the expression becomes an inevitable companion.

I’d like to share my experiences of living from this approach. It is a story that is only at its beginning, and it is one that I hope will end where it begins, in a place of unknowing and constant discovery and passion for the mystery of life and what lies beyond it.

What then is the driving force and aim of ethical creativity?

Ultimately, I believe that this is a deeply personal question and an individual quest. The purpose and driving force ebbs and flows, but at the centre, I have found it to be driven by a desire for healing and a dance with the great mystery of life with the ultimate step bringing one (and anyone who is willing to come along for the journey) into a point of transformation.

This weekend I headed to the hills, with paint and camera in hand. Being at a high altitude has a strong effect on the atmosphere, both inner and outer. This work was my attempt at capturing the atmosphere through feeling tones and the internal experience of a sacred place.

The art work came tumbling out of me perhaps because I have spent so many days and nights on this mountain. The relationship is always at the centre of the creative process for me. The importance of observation is not only in the seeing, but the sheer act of being and communing with something, someone or somewhere.

Although seemingly esoteric, this approach is about chasing the importance and value of simplicity, ultimately it is about stripping oneself back to the very bones of what it means to just be. The value is ultimately not in the selling price, but in the contribution that is made to the artist’s well-being, the viewer’s well-being or perhaps in the more subtle form, the well-being of the space in which the exchange of observation and relationship took place.

What I enjoy most about this process is the surprise that occurs when, after the moment of expression, I step back and can see something at work in me that I don’t identify as myself and it gives me a sense of hope that when these hands stop working, these eyes stop seeing and this mind stops working as I have known them always to do so, there is more.


2 thoughts on “The Ethical Creative

  1. Is this your work?? It’s beautiful!

    I loved this and I’m looking forward to reading your future content!
Come visit some time!
💗, Mena from

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