Solo Exhibition


Montsalvat, Eltham

Residents Gallery, 1 November – 26 November

I am a hoarder.
I have a house that does not look like your typical hoarders. I hoard stories and inner experiences. Over a period of two years, I have asked people to provide me with an object that represents them or a moment in their life. In today’s digital age where the object has become superseded, the hoarding of images through interfaces such as Pinterest, Instagram and facebook has become a global obsession. However, the power of the object remains potent to our human experience and expression.
The Duchampian tradition of object as narrative is as relevant today as it was when he scrawled R Mutt in 1917. Duchamp first coined the question of authenticity when he brought the everyday object into the cathedral of art and it begs to be asked over and over again as we struggle to keep up with the torrents of images and information which hit out senses at an overwhelming pace.
The world of scrolling and clicking for our information has formed the necessary habit of quick judgment and split second discarding of information. What is worthy of my time? Will I click on an article based on its tag line? Our minds are being shaped and trained by technology now like never before and it is without a doubt dumbing us down. By painting an object, I aim to slow the conversation down.
Recently I have taken to reading the newspaper to digest, in my own time, the horrors and hopes of the world, without the noise, comments, likes and hashtags to distract. Similarly, the art gallery, the theatres and the cinema provide a refuge and a place to focus. To be quiet and to contemplate. To be still.
I seek to depict the simplicity of an object, to sit with the reality we are living in and to, simultaneously, sculpt a space and extract a possibility for our true essence to be expressed and championed above the white noise of the digital age.
I hoard images, I hoard stories and I hoard the human experience.

Residents Gallery, 1 November – 26 November

Artist Floor Talk: Friday 17 November, 11am
All welcome


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