Slow Food with Mangia Mangia

Mangia Have you ever looked through a recipe book and just wished the food would come to life before your eyes? Well that happened to me this week when I attended the East Gippsland Slow Food Festival Book Night for Mangia Mangia.

Mangia Mangia was an initiative by Angela Villella and Teresa Oates to rescue their “mamma’s traditional (unwritten) recipes from extinction”.

We were lucky enough to have Teresa share with us her Olive curing recipe which features in their first book – Mangia Mangia, Authentic Italian Food Rituals and Family Recipes.

Both these books are a personal encounter with the Italian Communities of Australia and Melbourne in particular, who forged Melbourne’s food, coffee and wine scene into what it is today.

DSC_1626What struck me about Teresa’s talk was how precious this information is and that the task of preserving the treasures past down from generation to generation, whether it be a recipe, an art technique, a carpentry skill or simple etiquette is a key ingredient for leading a rich and happy life.

The two books were the result of a Blog which encouraged contributions of family recipes. There is a wealth of knowledge there and in the books – see more at:

Mangia Mangia

Mangia Mangia on facebook




India Flint

I first discovered India Flint while browsing the Hard Backs at my local Bookstore, when it still existed! Her book ‘Eco Colour’, once picked up could not be put down. India Flint is the Australian Guru of Natural Dying Fabrics. There is no better Coffee Table Companion for the textile enthusiast.

Except perhaps, her more recent publication ‘Second Skin’ which focuses on how to care for natural fabrics and naturally dyed fabrics. For more information visit