The Unknown – Upon the Earth

upon the earth

Upon the Earth - Elk

She had entered into

the unknown territory.

The inner heart

she now occupied

was strange and beautiful

and compelled her forward.


Upon the Earth – series launched




This weekend was a beautiful Summers day to print the second image for the Upon the Earth series and they are now available exclusively at Segue at Stratford during the Christmas Market and will then become available online.

Upon the Earth started with a few simple words.

Upon the Earth

We Live4

We Laugh

We Pray

Each image is inspired by nature and comes with a story, blessing or words.

Birds on the Wire and Elk have been launched with 2 new designs set to be printed in the New Year.

If you are local please visit

Segue Arts Cafe

66 Princes Hwy, Stratford VIC 3862

or watch this space for stock available online soon. Pre orders welcome.




Footpath rescue project: Re-Webbing Made Easy

IMG_20140513_081617_Hagrid_Round Re-upholsteryDSC_0680_Hagrid_Round







When you see a chair on the side of the road such as this – how can you leave it to get rained on? Quite simply you can’t! This is not the first rescued piece of furniture that has made its way into my car boot! It is one of my favourites.

It was a very simple process to re-webb this chair.

I ripped out what was left of the old webbing and bought some jute ribbon from the garden store for less than $10. It is not stretchy as professional upholstery webbing is, but it does the job. I staples the top end first and stretched it down, pulling it firmly into the floor with my foot as I stapled the bottom end. I then cut the jute and folded it under, stapling a second row for re-enforcement. I then repeated tIMG_20140513_081748_Hagrid_Roundhis horizontally, webbing under and over as I went. The result was an extremely comfortable seat – no fuss and a cheap restoration.

For an excellent referent on how to upholster in more than 15 minutes please get your hands on a copy of “The Essential Guide to Upholstery” by Dorothy Gates. The photos alone are enough ton inspire you to rescue the next piece of furniture that calls out to you from the footpath!


Who is Lilliane Wilde?

  1. The business Lilliane Wilde has evolved over many years from a passion towards arts, craft, the environment and the power of relationship with the objects we use everyday to our sense of well-being.I recently moved to Gippsland to slow down and have more time to create. When I told my family, my Mum shared the story of her Aunty Doss who once ran a Dress Making Store in Maffra, before the day when locally sourced was trendy, it simply was!Now Lilliane Wilde is returning me to those roots, when you knew the person who made each stitch of your garment and each item was one of a kind. The name sake of Lilliane Wilde was also a dress maker, in Melbourne who worked up to retirement age in a Dress Studio in Parhan. Her collection of Vintage fabrics are featured in the Lilliane Wilde Product Range. I have also, over the years collected vintage clothing and these little treasures are scattered amongst the hand made items. To learn more you can read the “About” at the Website.

    With thanks for your support and for joining me on this journey back to basics,
    Sarah (aka Lilliane Wilde)

Winter 2011

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Last Days of Winter! This week I have potted up some Raspberry sticks – and got a bit ambitious and a wee bit eager for Spring/Summer by purchasing some Eggplant Seedlings – but just couldn’t resist.

The Kale seeds from last year have produced some hardy little seedlings. I’m hoping they don’t bolt too quickly as the warm weather approaches.

The first asparagus appeared under the gaze of Mary! I will plant some more to bunch the patch up and get some product in the next 2-3 years.

Thanks to Joe’s assistance the back fence is looking truly loved. Grape vine, and lemon have been cleared of Jasmine and the Olive given a Prune after picking.

Bring on Spring!

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Carding Wool

Having purchased some carding brushes I have looked to the women of the world to show me how to wield these simple brushes of golden goodness. This is my favourite video – I feel so blessed to be able to sit in my lounge room sharing this woman’s domestic space. Truly the wonder of technology.