Backroads to Belonging

How do we define our sense of belonging?

And what happens in those moments when an absence is felt or a new presence enters?

The notion of belonging emerged when I moved from my home town of Melbourne to pursue the long held dream of living in ‘the country’.

Suddenly everything was unfamiliar and the long process of taking root began through moments of repetition and re-tracing experiences until they became familiar; a street corner that was visited every morning or weekend trips that allowed me to slowly have the courage to take the backroads.

During this time, almost daily, a group of birds began to visit the electrical wires outside my window. For the next 9 months I began recording their visits. I wanted to know what their interaction would sound like if their movement across the wires was translated into notes on a page and discover what the effect was when one left or came, when they jumped about, gathered in groups or sat patiently out on their own.

More and more, living out on a new limb and finding new connections, I have begun to treasure the fleeting and mundane moments. Sharing a cup of tea, a walk or a meal. In order to explore this idea I asked those people who have been birds on my wire to choose objects of significance to Yarram Courthouse Backroads to Belonging Invitationthem and used these as inspiration for a series of still lives.

Through these works I have attempted to capture the value of simple objects, symbols of how we come to understand ourselves and express who we are to the outside. More recently I have drawn inspiration from the changing environment of Gippsland as my eye moved out of the inner world of the city and into a larger arena of the regional landscape.


Centre Connect Create Workshop

Sunday 1 May

Creative Gippsland


Workshop – Centre Connect Create

Centre Connect Create

Tools for communicating moods through painting

CentreYarram Courthouse Gallery

Sunday 1 May 11am – 12:30pm

In this introductory workshop we will be working with visualisation, gentle movement and paint to open the door of creative expression. Using acrylic on canvas we will take landscapes as our starting point to explore ways of communicating mood and atmosphere through colour and texture.

All material provided, however if you have a particular landscape or image you would like to work with please bring it along on the day.

No experience required

Suitable for ages 13+

Morning tea and art supplies provided

$5 pay on the day

RSVP to secure your place

Creative Gippsland

Supported by Wellington Shire Council and Creative Gippsland

Download Flyer here: Centre Connect Create

Handmade Incense

Handmade Incense
Handmade Incense

The Lilliane Wilde range of handmade incense are made as limited editions from all natural and locally sourced ingredients. There are no added oils or fragrances, making them a natural burn perfect for ritual, cleansing, meditation and healing.

Current editions available are:

Sandalwood, Frankincense, Eucalyptus & Tea tree

Available by order or at Etsy

Upon the Earth – series launched




This weekend was a beautiful Summers day to print the second image for the Upon the Earth series and they are now available exclusively at Segue at Stratford during the Christmas Market and will then become available online.

Upon the Earth started with a few simple words.

Upon the Earth

We Live4

We Laugh

We Pray

Each image is inspired by nature and comes with a story, blessing or words.

Birds on the Wire and Elk have been launched with 2 new designs set to be printed in the New Year.

If you are local please visit

Segue Arts Cafe

66 Princes Hwy, Stratford VIC 3862

or watch this space for stock available online soon. Pre orders welcome.