Upcoming Exhibition

Moving from Melbourne to Gippsland two years ago in October has altered the way I perceive people, place and the fragility of what we perceive as permanence and the present moment. This exhibition will mark that journey by exploring the threads and ties that bind us through video installation and a series of paintings depicting our connections to each other and the temporal nature of our place in the present.
Segue – Stratford Courthouse
26 October – 19 November

still life


Birds on a Wire

Last week I sat down for a morning meditation and looking out the window noticed a group of birds on the electrical wires outside. As they moved about amongst themselves, some coming and some going, they began to resemble the notes on a page of music. I filmed them to later translate their movement into a composition and while sitting down to view the footage at the piano was struck by how fleeting a moment in time and particular combination of elements (be they family, friends, feelings) are. The void that was left as one bird flew off, left a space for something new to emerge and the various connections and disconnections as they jumped from one wire to the next released the monotony that would have ensued if they had sat still and isolated in their own little world. Now each time I look up at birds on the wires and wonder – what music are you creating up there?

Upon the Earth

One morning, he woke up and considered – if everything truly is connected then she was that moon, that star and the earth upon which he hopped. And sitting in that moment, as he fell in love with it all, down to his tail and up to his ears, he relaxed.

Bunny Hemp Tea towel#Istandformercy

How to Chai

When the weather turns and the nights get longer

my defense against the dark is to go into it – rather

than resist. Armed with my knitting needles,

a cup of chai, soup ladle, my favourite winter

jumpers and a few new additions to the LP collection

… its time to welcome the frost and keep away the

colds. Happy Wintering – may it be a nurturing one.


For your Chai You will need:

Chai Ingredients

Cardamon Pods

Cinnamon Sticks



Fresh Ginger

Black Tea

Raw Honey

Soy Milk


Chop up all your dry spices – if you have a coffee grinder this can cut down your preparation time. If chopping by hand place chopped dry ingredients into a mortar and pestle along with the Black Tea and give it an extra crunch up.

Peel and grate the fresh ginger and add it along with a good spoonful of honey.

Use your intuition and experiment to get a good balance of flavors. The finished wet chai preparation should look like a crumbly compost, wet but not overly sticky.

Time for Chai:

This preparation will keep for 2-3 weeks in the fridge, or better still the freezer in an air tight container.

When you are ready to drink your chai tea, here is a great method to get the best flavor out of your spices:

Boil the kettle

Place 2-3 teaspoon of wet chai tea preparation to a small saucepan

cover with boiling water – just enough to cover the ingredients

Allow time to steep

Turn the stove on low and add soy milk

Bring to a gentle simmer

sift into your favourite mug and enjoy!